Massachusetts Approved Home Firearms Safety Course LTC-007

Massachusetts Approved Home Firearms Safety Course LTC-007


This is a very popular course that meets the minimum firearms safety training requirement for obtaining a Massachusetts firearms license. It is meant for the the applicant that has previous firearms experience since it is a non-shooting course and does not include range time. This training class exceeds the standards established to obtain a License to Carry (LTC) or Firearms Identification (FID) card in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter . 140, § 131P and 515 CMR 3.00.

This is a four hour instructor led course that covers the safe handling and operation of many types of modern firearms. Students are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe handling, operation, storage of firearms and ammunition in the home and transportation of firearms outside the home.

This class does not contain live fire exercises. However, you will handle non firing ammunition and load and unload revolvers and semi-auto pistols. No handling or loading of live ammunition will be permitted in the class.

Course Outline:

Rules for Safe Gun Handling
Identifying and Loading/Unloading Different Firearms
Practical Exercises in Safe Gun Handling
Ammunition identification
Firearms maintenance and cleaning
Applicable Massachusetts firearms laws for purchase, possession, transfer, storage and transportation
Proper storage and childproofing of firearms in the home
Transportation of firearms
Firearm selection
Ammunition selection for self defense
The licensing process and completing the license application

At the successful completion of the class you'll be presented with a NRA Firearms Safety completion certificate, and the MA State Police Basic Firearm Safety Certificate that you'll submit with your LTC application.

This Course is suited for experienced shooters seeking an LTC, those who have little interest in shooting, such as spouses of gun owners who only wish to be more comfortable around guns, those under 21 years of age seeking a FID or those who only want an FID. Also, if you want a non-resident Massachusetts LTC and you have your permit to carry for your home state, this is the class for you. If you plan to practice shooting handguns often, have little experience shooting handguns and want the Class A LTC, or want practical experience shooting handguns through structured exercises then the NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course (LTC-002) may be better suited for you.